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          The Safest Place for Global Trade

          Find suppliers and trade services you can trust



          In a Tradesparq search, my product appears on page 1 within my network. On other sites it's buried on page 36.



          Cut your verification time in half. Check a supplier's products, shipment history, reviews, and network relationships in one quick search

          Supply Chain

          Supply Chain

          Find new clients, monitor your competition, and sell through referrals.

          How it Works

          In three easy steps:

          What We Have

          Over 3 million products
          Over 850 million shipment records
          More than 6 million suppliers and manufacturers
          More than 6 million importers



          Free Forever

          Add your products & services, receive inquiries, and view shipment data & connections. Build your network.

          Join free

          The world's largest trade network

          • Upload products and services
          • Send and receive inquiries
          • Connect with buyers, suppliers & services
          • Unlimited shipment profile views
          • Unlimited exporter search
          • Track one company's shipments

          Shipments PRO

          VIP MEMBER

          Unlimited US shipment data service.
          Best value in the industry.

          More Info

          Basic features, plus:

          • Unlimited importer and exporter search
          • Unlimited shipment tracking
          • Unlimited profile views
          • View complete shipment records
          • View shipment trends & trade partners
          • Download shipment records

          Shipments Global

          VIP MEMBER

          Access to 850 million shipping records from 57 countries. Plus, the best tools for product and service sales experts.

          More Info

          Shipments PRO features, plus:

          • Unlimited inquiries
          • Search rank boost
          • See who's viewed your profile
          • Upload unlimited products & services
          • Hide sensitive connections
          • More...

          See what the media is saying about us

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          Shipment Data

          Access 800 million shipment records from 57 countries.
          Search our data for products, companies and shipments.

          Browse product categories

          Agricultural Services
          Agricultural Supplies
          Beans grains nuts
          Cigarettes & Tobacco
          Farm Machinery & Equipment
          Fruit vegetables & mushrooms
          Livestock & Animal Products
          Ornamental plants
          Other Agricultural Products
          Plant seeds & bulbs
          Plant extract & oil
          Plant Fiber & Wood
          Auto Accessories
          Auto Detailing
          Auto Parts
          Car Electronics
          Related Products & Services
          Vehicle Equipment & Tools
          Business Service Providers
          Agency Services
          Assurance Services
          Brokerage Intermediary Service
          Business Travel Services
          Certification Inspection & Credit Management
          Computer & Information Technology Services
          Construction Services
          Design Services
          Education & Training
          Financial Services
          International Settlement Services
          Internet Service
          Logistics Services
          Other Business Services
          Packaging Printing
          Passport & Visa
          Processing Services
          Basic Chemicals
          Chemical Equipment
          Fire & Specialty Chemicals
          Lab Supplies
          Related Services
          Surplus Stock & Other Products
          Computer Products
          Communications & Networking
          Computer Peripherals
          Industrial Computers
          Internet Communications
          Subsystem Parts & Service
          Consumer Electronics
          Audio Equipment
          AV Care Accessories & Service
          Car Electronics
          Office Electronics
          Personal Electronics
          Photography Equipment
          Video Equipment
          Electronic Components
          Active Components
          Electromechanical Components
          Electronic Manufacturing & Production
          Electronic Production Equipment & Supplies
          Optoelectronic Components & Supplies
          Passive Components
          Subassembly Parts & Services
          Fashion Accessories
          Fashion Goods & Accessories
          Shoes & Accessories
          Travel Bags & Accessories
          Watches & Accessories
          Food & Beverage
          Food Ingredients
          Food related Products & Services
          Fresh Food
          Frozen Food
          Grain & Grain Products
          Prepared & Dried Food
          Garments & Textiles
          Fiber & Yarn
          Finished Garments
          Machinery Tools & Supplies
          Non-Fabric Material
          Part & Accessories
          Related Services
          Gifts Stationery & Premiums
          Gifts & Novelties
          Holiday Decorations & Party Supplies
          Promotional Gifts & Keychains
          Smoking Gifts & Accessories
          Health Beauty & Personal Care
          Beauty Products & Cosmetics
          Health & Medical
          Hospitality & Spa Supplies
          Personal Care
          彩票软件大全 & Garden
          BBQ Supplies
          Disposable Ware
          Household Appliances
          Household Supplies
          Kitchen Appliances
          Lawn & Garden
          Lighting & Electrical
          Pet Supplies
          Machinery & Industrial Equipment
          Apparel & Textile Machinery
          Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery
          Construction Materials Machinery
          Farm Related Machinery
          Food & Beverage Processing Machinery
          彩票软件大全 Product Machinery
          Industrial Equipment
          Machine Tools Wood & Metalworking Machinery
          Mining & Metallurgy Machinery
          Power Related Machinery
          Printing & Packaging Machinery
          Raw Material Processing Machinery
          Construction Machinery
          Security Products
          Access Control & Monitoring
          Auto Safety & Security
          CCTV Products
          Industrial Safety & Law Enforcement
          Sports & Leisure
          Bikes & Skates
          Camping & Leisure
          Fitness Equipment & Accessories
          Sporting Goods
          Telecommunications Products
          Broadcasting Telecom Equipment
          Internet Communications
          Satellite Communication
          Wireless Communication
          Tools Hardware & Building Supplies
          Building Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
          Building Supplies
          General Hardware
          Hardware Industry Tooling & Services
          Industrial Supplies
          Lighting & Electrical
          Sanitary Ware & Plumbing
          Tools & Accessories
          Toys & Games
          Games & Hobbies


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