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          Advertising Manufacturers

          Listing 192 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          Butterfly Neon sign for different themes

          Butterfly Neon Sign For

          Butterfly Neon sign for different themes
          1. Materail : 12V mini size (10*222mm) , colorful jakcet

          Alice Wang
          Alice Wang

          2 Products SHANGHAI, CHINA

          Company name

          My first product

          My First Product

          desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here...desc here

          Customized shaped Led sign for Tiger

          Customized Shaped Led Sign

          Customized molded LED Light Box
          * Customized molded LED sign.
          * Molding in print glass shape.

          Flashing LED light box

          Advertising Design

          Quick and Precise - My client is in need of a Customized shaped Led sign for Tiger so I contacted Cara Jiang from Shenzhen Delight Optoelectronics.Co. Ltd. He was very responsive to my inquiry, and courteous in answering all of my questions. He's very easy to understand, I would rate his English 8 out of 10.

          The supplier informed me that pricing depends on the quantity of the product I would be ordering. Shipping and payment terms are both flexible compared to other suppliers that I have worked with. In addition the product has UL, ROHS, CE certifications which is good to know.

          It would be nice to visit their factory to check the quality of their products in person but I would definitely consider their company to my supplier list because of their fast and direct approach, and the competitiveness of their price.
          By Sabrina Yan - Dec 15, 2014 - More...
          Courteous supplier - A couple of weeks ago, I sent an inquiry to Cara Jiang regarding their company’s Flashing LED light box (Model No. DL-123). She responded a little late answering some of my questions. I found her easy to understand and courteous in addressing my concerns.
          By Jason Vasquez - Nov 21, 2014 - More...

          floor display stand pop up show

          Floor Display Stand Pop Up

          Pallet floor display for chips supermarket promotion

          top display with hook

          Tabletop Display

          POS Counter Display

          Trade Show

          Customized factory price acrylic gift card display rack

          Customized Factory Price

          1) Customized design of acrylic gift card display stand is avaulable. Structure/style can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.

          Customized beautiful clear acrylic jewelry display stand

          Advertising Design

          Customized LED acrylic cosmetic display stand

          Advertising Design

          Hot selling nail polish acrylic display stand

          Advertising Design

          Rotating Screen 42 Inch Advertising Video Player

          Rotating Screen 42 Inch

          Product Description
          Product Name:Floor Standing Advertising Video Player

          Cold Laminated Frontlit LTF24C23 240gsm

          Cold Laminated Frontlit LTF

          1) Weight: 240gsm
          2) Construction: 200D*300D,18*12
          3) Matte and Glossy surfaces available
          4) Width: 1.02m-3.20m
          Cold Laminated Frontlit is an economical product ,which is widely used in UV, solvent and screen-printing printers. It has great features including good tearing strength, fade resistance, and excellent printing

          3X3 new hexagon steel frame outdoor folding tent

          3X3 New Hexagon Steel Frame

          White Steel Frame Available in 3x3m
          Top Height of 3.4m,

          3X3 Digital printing folding tent, easy folding play pop up canopy gazebo

          Canopy tents

          10x10 Outdoor heavy duty aluminum gazebo canopy  for promotion and advertising

          Trade Show

          10x10 Custom printed pop up canopy tent with optional side walls and back walls

          Trade Show

          Possible Supplier - I'm looking for an alternative supplier so I sent an inquiry to Fred Mu about their company's outdoor folding tent. I receive a response from him a few days after sending the inquiry. He asked for my email address so he can discuss my concern in detail. I then again received a response from him yesterday, he mentioned their product’s FOB which is a bit lower compared to the other suppliers that I worked with.Payment terms are also very flexible and Fred is also willing to send a sample. It is also good to know that the company offer 2 years warranty for their product.

          I would be willing to work with Fred Mu in the future and I would consider Zhejiang Dekay Tent Corporation on my list of potential suppliers.
          By Pia Lim - Nov 19, 2014 - More...

          white color PVC foam board

          White Color PVC Foam Board

          soft, middle rigid, scratch-proof, good screw holding ability, smooth, polish

          white color hard skin PVC celuka board

          PVC wall panels

          Anny Guo
          Anny Guo

          6 Products Zhengzhou, China

          Ace inflatables ltd

          Rooftop Inflatable & Advertising Balloons

          Rooftop Inflatable

          Giant advertising inflatables
          A magnificent form of advertising that help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our

          inflatable Super Bock can

          Advertising Design

          Well design Mini LED back lit & front lit acrylic channel letter

          Well Design Mini LED Back

          High Quality Acrylic
          Light source
          High brightness LED(water

          Newest Portable express card to usb adapter converter

          Newest Portable Express Card

          1.Portable mini usb speaker
          2.Support TF card to play
          3.Aluminum case
          4.Special Feature: Mini speaker
          5.Style: mini, usb

          Hongmei Du
          Hongmei Du

          15 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland) 1  review

          dhl - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Jun 26, 2018 - More...

          Dromax Naked 3D Advertising Display Player 21.5 Inch

          Dromax Naked 3D Advertising

          Glasses-free 3D advertising player
          1.Lenticular lens technique
          2. 2D/3D compatible, support various formats

          Dromax Naked 3D Advertising Display Player 21.5 Inch

          Advertising Design

          3D Advertising Display without Glasses 21.5 Inch

          TV Advertising

          3D Advertising Display without Glasses 21.5 Inch

          TV Advertising

          Impressive service - I recently got in touch with Jonas, from Chongqing Dromax Photoelectric Co., Ltd. after sending an inquiry to Dromax Zheng. I inquired about their 46-inch naked 3D advertisement player LCD display for my client. Jonas replied a day after sending the inquiry answering most of my concerns in detail.

          I recommend them for their impressive customer service. He offered to send sample products and also accepted my payment term proposal even if we haven't done any past businesses. In terms of pricing, their product is one of the cheapest that I could find and quality seems to be okay. It is wonderful to know that they have many clients all over the world who bought the same product and he even gave me a contact number of one of their clients whom I can get in touch with.
          I’m still waiting for other manufacturers to respond to my inquiry but I would be glad to include Chongqing Dromax Photoelectric Co., Ltd. to my list of potential suppliers.
          By Ivan Smith - Nov 12, 2014 - More...

          JC King Brand 2013 New Solid-type Paper Trolley JCW2

          JC King Brand 2013 New Solid

          2013 Fashionable special paper trolley

          JC King Brand 2013 Hot selling Rod paper trolley-Recycling JCW6

          Other Advertising

          acrylic illuminated signs

          Acrylic Illuminated Signs

          The sole China manufacturer with 3 years guarantee,
          Pay attention to Details, Quality, Competitive Price,

          Crystal Slim Light Box

          Other Advertising

          Vacuum forming adverting sings

          Other Advertising

          Emily Zeng
          Emily Zeng

          3 Products Guangzhou, China(mainland)

          Weatherproof Poster Display Stand

          Weatherproof Poster Display

          Material: 32mm Aluminum Snap Frame + Plastic Base
          Graphic Size: A1
          Waterbase Size: 80*50*14CM

          Lockable Notice Board

          Advertising Design

          Acrylic Candy Box with Scoop

          Candy packaging

          300-18 Aluminum Glass Fiber Mini Rome Umbrella

          300-18 Aluminum Glass Fiber

          Model Number: UHW-8
          Size: 3m Diameter
          Color: Yellow, Red, White
          Fabric: 200G Polyester Fiber with PA coating

          Hot sale customize logo patio Garden Parasol Beach Umbrella Outdoor Hotel Seaside Umbrella

          Patio umbrellas

          Wendy Chen
          Wendy Chen

          90 Products Hangzhou, China

          outdoor hotel sign board name logo plaques 3D carving bronze sign board

          Outdoor Hotel Sign Board

          Type: sign board
          Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
          Material: steel/Wood/Acrylic

          double sides hotel guidance led light box, shopping mall cinema box light

          Light boxes

          cinema light box photography advertising Light Box shopping mall led light box

          Light boxes

          Rock Cheung
          Rock Cheung

          30 Products Shenzhen, China

          2012 New Design Black lcd tv stand cheap tv stands

          2012 New Design Black Lcd Tv

          2012 New Design Black lcd cheap tv stands
          1 New published design
          2 competitve price
          3 good quality assured
          4 ISO9001:2008

          2012 New Design Black lcd tv stand stand design

          TV Advertising

          2012 New Design Black lcd tv stand design

          TV Advertising

          2012 New Design Black lcd tv floor stand

          TV Advertising

          Ken Ho
          Ken Ho

          10 Connections 15 Products FoShan, China (Mainland)

          PET poster (poster  printing ,competitive  price)

          PET Poster (poster Printing

          1)poster can used in promotional products
          2) the PET poster are environmental friendly
          3)used hot stamping technology

          tea packing boxes(beautiful  design and  3D effect )

          Tea boxes

          promotion used small fan (variety forms)


          PVC poster(used products surfaces )

          Advertising Design

          Jenifer Wang
          Jenifer Wang

          33 Products Qingdao, China (Mainland)

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          We list many of China's best Advertising manufacturers and also have a number of other good companies that supply equipment & related supplies to dealers and distributors/vendors.

          Ranking of China suppliers manufacturing Advertising can be filtered by their reviews, recommendations, price/cost and overall quality rating.


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