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          Access Control & Monitoring Manufacturers

          Listing 911 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          RFID Proximity Chip Cards Atmel T5577

          RFID Proximity Chip Cards

          We manufacture both blank card, and pre-printed card.
          Atmel T5577 (update version which downward compatible with T5557, T556

          Alien UHF RFID Wet Inlay AZ9610

          RFID inlays

          LF+HF Smart Hybird Card

          RFID cards

          RFID Transparent ISO PVC Card

          RFID cards

          Possible Supplier - I recently sent an inquiry to Ms Lu regarding regarding their NFC Label RFID tag for my client is in need of it. She was able to respond a couple of days after sending the inquiry. She was very polite in answering some of my concerns. It seems like she is well-knowledgeable of their product and pretty easy to comprehend with. She provided me with her email address so I can easily contact her and that shows willingness to provide me the information that I need after having my product requirement in detail.

          By Leonardo Leong - Dec 17, 2014 - More...

          Beward Ltd

          SIP&ONVIF compatibled security intercom

          SIP&ONVIF Compatibled

          The DS06M is designed with the camera section able to be rotated providing an adjustable field of view. This allows the intercom to be mounted on

          Analog to IP&SIP door phone converter

          Video system

          SIP apartment door stations

          Video door phones

          深圳东翔跨境电商物流&Jason 刘木荣 - 我是专注亚马逊欧美日澳市场专线渠道,空运 、海运,海卡DDP一站式服务。我们运价时效稳定安全,美国3-4工作日提取,英国3-5工作日提取等等,新推出海卡专线,价格实惠,时效稳定 -欧洲海卡-美国海卡-日本海卡!我们发货速度快且价格低廉稳定安全,旺季的到来为了不排仓和断货及给公司带来损失记得发货哟,时效,清关,服务都是我们的优势。有意向可咨询电话/微信:18322969675 ,此时留言给你带来不便还请理解!
          By LIU jason - Sep 27, 2019 - More...

          Beward Ltd

          Smart home security camera SIP door phone intercom video doorbell work with VOIP IP phone

          Smart 彩票软件大全 Security Camera

          1,3MP,1/3’’SONY Exmor,2.8mm Pinhole lens.
          IR-Illumination (up to 10 m

          深圳东翔跨境电商物流&Jason 刘木荣 - 我是专注亚马逊欧美日澳市场专线渠道,空运 、海运,海卡DDP一站式服务。我们运价时效稳定安全,美国3-4工作日提取,英国3-5工作日提取等等,新推出海卡专线,价格实惠,时效稳定 -欧洲海卡-美国海卡-日本海卡!我们发货速度快且价格低廉稳定安全,旺季的到来为了不排仓和断货及给公司带来损失记得发货哟,时效,清关,服务都是我们的优势。有意向可咨询电话/微信:18322969675 ,此时留言给你带来不便还请理解!
          By LIU jason - Sep 27, 2019 - More...

          EAS hard tag clothing shoe shop round red ink pin

          EAS Hard Tag Clothing Shoe

          Function:Anti-destroyed ink pin
          Dimension:43*27*26 mm
          Ink Color:Red/Yellow/Customize

          Grade AAA wine Channel anti-lost eas bottle neck tag

          EAS tags

          New stock EAS security display tag Invue hook tag slat wall hook lock

          EAS tags

          EAS security stop lock remover hook tag detacher

          EAS systems

          Nancy Liu
          Nancy Liu

          5 Connections 12 Products Changzhou,Jiangsu Province, China




          items for Profile from aluminium for machine, office partitions, frameworks and so on
          profile assemlies from steel or

          paper bag

          Packaging boxes



          If you want to
          become the major agent of us, pls feel free to contact彩票软件大全 by either of
          following email address

          Security fence

          Access control

          GEE NFC Limited

          rfid tags for book , Icode tags, nfc tags for book

          Rfid Tags For Book , Icode

          1. Dimension: 50mm x 50 mm. 45 mm (D) x 16 mm(d)

          Smart card, 13.56 mhz smartcards, MIFARE(R) card

          RFID cards

           Acr122u NFC reader writer, mifare, Felica supported

          RFID readers

          RFID key fobs, RFID key tag, EM4200 key fobs

          RFID cards

          hello - make a friend
          By - Dec 16, 2015 - More...
          Potential Business Partner - I'm looking for an alternative supplier so I sent an inquiry to Michael Gan of GEE NFC Limited about their company's USB NFC reader with LCD. I was surprised to receive a response from him just a day after sending the inquiry, which was very prompt.
          He answered all my inquiries in full detail and even offered discounts if we’re able to meet their product amount requirement which is of course good for a trade partner like me.

          He explained to me courteously without offense meant their policy for customer protection which I understand. They are even welcome with 3rd party inspection showing how confident they are for the quality of their products.

          I commend them for their excellent customer service and consider them as one of my potential business partners.
          By Leonardo Leong - Dec 15, 2014 - More...

          Ahouse DC 24v Automatic Door Opener / for Glass door / wooden door

          Ahouse DC 24v Automatic Door

          Automtaitc Sliding
          fast and easy installation
          2) providing independent adjustment of force and speed

          Sliding Gate Operator

          Gate openers

          Ahouse DC 24V Automatic Awning Opener /Electric Supply /Solar System


          underground swing gate operator - AHouse

          Gate operators

          cantonfair - 嗨!我这边是做广交会展位招商的。请问贵司考虑参展广交会吗?我这边可以提供展位,协助您参展。TEL:159 8904 2509(同微信)(加微信好友,备注,送广交会采购商名录)
          By wang sir - Aug 11, 2017 - More...

          150W Powerful cell phone Bomb Jammer/blocker CTS-VIP150

          150W Powerful Cell Phone

          150W Powerful cell phone Bomb Jammer/blocker CTS-VIP150
          1. Output power: 150W

          150W Powerful GPS full bands Jammer/blocker CTS-VIP150G

          Access control

          CDMA GSM 3G and 4G Mobile Cellphone Jammer CTS-BBOX6

          Access control

          WiFi Jammer Wifi +Cell phone Jammer CTS-1000HW

          Access control

          1 - emp jammer
          By ramona baumann - Jun 24, 2019 - More...

          All kinds of PVC, PET and PETG card

          All Kinds Of PVC, PET And

          Shenzhen Takcere is an experienced and highly skilled local manufacturer of all types of cards for banks and financial institutions. Offering a

          Video card IC card

          IC card readers

          dhl - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Jun 19, 2018 - More...

          Smart Sourcing China - Blank PVC card with magnetic stripe

          Smart Sourcing China - Blank

          Free design with no Charge.
          Superb High Quality.
          Lowest MOQ is acceptable.
          Fastest Delivery time.

          Smart Sourcing China - Hang Tags

          Packaging labels

          Smart Sourcing China l-  Double side print sticker


          Did not answer - I sent an inquiry to James but he wasn't able to respond.
          By Sib Dayang - Nov 21, 2014 - More...

          UHF RFID card reader Parking system ETC solution

          UHF RFID Card Reader Parking

          Keyword: long distance card reader, uhf rfid, rfid tag, ETC solution, parking system
          1 Application:

          Car existence detector in barrier gate VD108B

          Loop detectors

          High quality 800 pcs chip card issuing machine

          SIM card readers

          mifare classic reader module rfid reader access control TYRF1000


          James Wang
          James Wang

          499 Connections 62 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

          5 Antenna 3g cell phone,gps&LOJACK Jammer

          5 Antenna 3g Cell Phone,gps

          CDMA/GSM: 850-960MHz
          PCS: 18051990MHz
          3G: 2110-2170MHz

          Portable 4G LTE and 3G Mobile Phone Jammer JYT-CGF610

          Wireless signal

          Adjustable 8 Antennas GPS, WiFI, 4GLTE, 4GWIMAX jammer

          Wireless signal

          No reply - I recently sent an inquiry to Stafine Wang and I did not receive any replies.
          By Leonardo Leong - Dec 17, 2014 - More...

          Check Weigher -New products on sale !

          Check Weigher -New Products

          Mainly used for a variety of automated assembly line and logistic transportation system on automatic weight detection, discriminate
          or weight grading sorting in up and down deviation. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, toys, hardware, chemical

          New Product Linked with Metal Detector ZlZX-S600


          ZLZX-S1200 check weigher for packed chocolate pellet


          ZLZX-S800 check weigher for packed sugar grain


          Environment Monitoring Instrument

          Environment Monitoring

          1.Support intelligent scene function through speech recognition,interact with smart device easily.
          2.Speech recognition,faster

          Samrt IP Camera

          IP cameras


          CCTV CMOS cameras

          dhl - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Jun 22, 2018 - More...
          中欧铁路运输服务 - 中欧国际铁路运输公司是一家专为中欧进出口企业提供专业国际铁路运输的服务商,我们只专注于国际铁路运输!
          公司业务范围覆盖欧洲全境(包括俄罗斯),中亚五国(哈萨克斯坦 、吉尔吉斯斯坦 、塔吉克斯坦 、乌兹别克斯坦和土库曼斯坦),越南等地。



          Sales manager
          Sino-euro trains logistics CO., Ltd
          Tel: 0755-21031903; MP: 13682624371; QQ: 834303898.
          Website: www.srtrains.com
          By Alex Wang - Dec 28, 2017 - More...

          Frenquency Conversion Infrared Fence

          Frenquency Conversion

          Model: SAS-5X/10X/20X/40X/60X
          Beams 3~10
          Total Length 740~2000mm
          Working Voltage DC/12~18V
          Working Current Caster

          Active Infrared Quad / Four Beams

          Dual technology

          Active Infrared Two Twin Beams

          Dual technology

          Active Infrared  Trinal / Three Beams

          Dual technology

          Handheld Metal Detector with Highest Sensitivity

          Handheld Metal Detector With

          Technical parameters of XN-1106 Product description XN-1106 metal detector is a mini

          Walk-through Metal Detector Door K608

          Metal detectors

          Walk-through Metal Detector Door K208

          Metal detectors

          Walk-through Metal Detector K508

          Metal detectors

          ocean freight forwarding agent - Morning~~
          We have the advantage of shipping through the entire cabinet to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and the Red Sea.ETC
          Best Wishes
          Email chealse@sz-patent.com
          By Chealse chen - Oct 10, 2018 - More...

          125KHz TK4100 RFID Proximity card/Compatible EM4100 rfid card

          125KHz TK4100 RFID Proximity

          TK4100 RFID Proximity card
          Compatible EM4100 Card,Compatible EM4102 Card
          Read Only

          ISO/IEC 15693 NXP I-CODE SLI RFID proximity Card

          RFID cards

          125KHz em4100 RFID Card/em4100 clamshell card/em4100 proximity card

          RFID cards

          125KHz LF Mini Rfid Glass tags

          RFID tags

          waterproof digital wireless remote control doorbell for home

          Waterproof Digital Wireless

          Waterproof digital wireless remote control doorbell for home
          1. Material: ABS plastic

          Battery powered mp3 music remote wireless doorbell


          Bullet LED dummy surveillance Security Fake Hidden Wireless CCTV Camera

          Wireless CCTV

          New dome CCTV LED dummy some surveillance Security Fake Hidden Wireless Camera

          Dummy cameras

          Agricultural solar electric fencing energiser for animals

          Agricultural Solar Electric

          Lanstar Electric Fence Energiser
          1,Cost effective compared to conventional
          2,Livestock containment
          3,Portable or permanent

          Perimeter security electric fence energizer system

          Wireless intruder

          Dragon cai
          Dragon cai

          2 Products Shenzhen, China

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