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          Plant Fiber & Wood Manufacturers

          Listing 368 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          Bamboo Charcoal odor removal bag / Fridge odor removal box

          Bamboo Charcoal Odor Removal

          Fridge odor removal box made from excellent bamboo charcoal, with highly developed holes on surface to collect dusts and odors naturally,without

          Electronic silica gel desiccant tyvek packed

          Silica Gel

          500g moisture absorber Container Desiccant

          Container houses

          Polyurethane track shoe for milling machine

          Polyurethane Track Shoe For

          The polyurethane rubber possesses the properties of wear resistance and non-disintegration,etc. And the adhesion between the rubber and the steel

          clip-on track pad for excavator

          Rubber Products

          clip-on track pad for excavator

          Rubber Products

          Bolt-on track pad for paver


          Bamboo Shoe Rack 4-Tier Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer

          Bamboo Shoe Rack 4-Tier

          Product Description
          Bamboo Shoe Rack

          Bamboo foldable chair

          Bamboo chairs

          Bamboo Toilet Stool

          Bamboo Products

          Wood Toilet Stool

          Floor coat rack

          ocean freight forwarding agent - Noon~~
          We have the advantage of shipping through the entire cabinet to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and the Red Sea.ETC
          Best Wishes
          Email chealse@sz-patent.com
          By Chealse chen - Oct 15, 2018 - More...
          中欧铁路运输服务 - 中欧国际铁路运输公司是一家专为中欧进出口企业提供专业国际铁路运输的服务商,我们只专注于国际铁路运输!

          Sales manager
          Sino-euro trains logistics CO., Ltd
          Tel: 0755-21031903; MP: 13682624371; QQ: 834303898.
          Website: www.srtrains.com
          By Alex Wang - Dec 14, 2017 - More...

          DAWN TECH CO.,LTD

          chevron belts

          Chevron Belts

          We have 50 different chevron types ,chevron height :5mm /10mm /15mm /25mm /32mm ,now we are the biggest chevron belt manufacturer in China .

          Mark Fu
          Mark Fu

          1 Product DONGYING, China

          Alloy 7075 Aluminum Rebar Carabiner Snap Hooks

          Alloy 7075 Aluminum Rebar

          Alloy 7075 Aluminum Rebar Carabiner Snap Hooks
          - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer Supplier, Factory

          Synthetic Multi-Leg Bridle Sling 4-LEG - Synthetic Bridle Slings

          Safety belts

          G80 Lashing Chains with Ratchet, Grade 80 Ratchet Chain Lashing

          Tie down straps

          Synthetic Bridle Sling 3-LEG

          Safety belts

          Bamboo Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

          Bamboo Freestanding Soaking

          Model: YSZ-052 Size: 1500*700*680mm Equipped with: metal arm holder on both sides, chair plate, water drainer and sewer pipe Advantages of bamboo-made

          Bamboo Massage Bathtub


          Excavator rubber track 300*52.5N*82 for CASE CX31BZTS

          Excavator Rubber Track 30

          Product Information:
          Commodity: Excavator rubber track 300*52.5*82N for CASE CX31BZTS
          The feature of rubber

          TH-85 rubber tracks with wheels for robot design

          Rubber Products

          Agricultural Rubber Track 400*90*47 for KUBOTA DC-60 harvesters

          Other Aquaculture

          Small rubber track system ZYW-130 for small robot...

          Rubber Products

          airbag for ship launching/landing

          Airbag For Ship Launching

          1, Hosting and moving airbag
          They can be widely used for moving various large prefabricated reinforced-concrete products ( such as caisson

          pneumatic rubber fender

          Rubber Products

          ship launching airbag


          Nitrile rubber safety outsole

          Nitrile Rubber Safety

          Safety Nitrile Rubber Outsole made from high quality Nitrile rubber.
          We produce high quality nitrile

          Rubber Picking Finger

          Food Processing

          reclaimed rubber from latex

          Rubber Mixer

          Garden Lawn Edging 50M

          Garden Lawn Edging 50M

          165feet (50meters)

          Metal Support Cage For Vine H90CM

          Plant care

          Foldable Plant Support H45CM

          Plant care

          Cone Metal Support H75CM

          Plant care

          Miss Lisa
          Miss Lisa

          26 Products Foshan, China

          bamboo skewers sticks picks suppliers

          Bamboo Skewers Sticks Picks

          Diameter: 1.8mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm

          Factory directly sales bamboo poles&canes&stakes

          Bamboo Products

          Best price bamboo stick for auto-feeder agarbathi making machine

          Bamboo Products

          bamboo sticks/skewers/picks

          Bamboo Products

          Rubber Gym Tiles With Flecks

          Rubber Gym Tiles With Flecks

          This type gym rubber matting are manufactured in 1000mmx1000mmx15mm, with top bevelled edges around the perimeter. The
          individual weight of

          Rubber Gym Tiles Black Color

          Rubber Products

          Rubber Gym Mats With Flecks

          Rubber Products

          Rubber Gym Tiles

          Rubber Products

          Polyurethane marine foam filled fender for dock

          Polyurethane Marine Foam

          Company website: www.qingdaolg.com
          Email: sandy@qingdaolg.com
          Tel/Whatsapp: 8618561375951

          Ship launching rubber tubes marine airbags

          Rubber Products

          Inflatable ship launching airbag for boat

          Rubber Products

          Marine air balloon ship launching airbag

          Rubber Products

          Bamboo mat,Bamboo cushion,Bamboo product

          Bamboo Mat,Bamboo Cushion

          Bamboo bed mat,bamboo cushion,bamboo pad,bamboo seat cover:
          Key Features:
          - A traditional Chinese sofa mat for

          Gada Bina Usaha

          Rubber Fender,Marine Fender,Rubber Bumper

          Rubber Fender,Marine Fender

          Rubber Fender is a kind of protection facility suitable to be installed on the wharf. It can be absorbed the energy upon ship alongside and reducing

          V Rubber Fenders,Arch Fenders

          Rubber Products



          Saad Primewood

          spruce lumber or logs

          Spruce Lumber Or Logs

          We Are European wood manufacturer. we do offer European, Asia , and Africa, Hard and soft wood , at lower price with save and fast delivery Such As

          white oak lumber


          spruce lumber


          TF-9051 wicker rattan living room sofa furniture

          TF-9051 Wicker Rattan Living

          1.smooth wicker combines
          2. modern modular sectional
          3. suitable for indoor and outdoor

          TF-9052 rattan patio furniture set/outdoor furniture

          Rattan Products

          TF-9041 rattan sofa set living room sectional sofa

          Rattan Products

          TF-9050 wicker rattan sofa furniture modular sofa

          Rattan Products

          1 - 代理进出口海运订仓 、拖车 、退税报关 、买单 、产地证等
          深圳市中鹏进出口报关公司是一家在深注册,享有进出口业务经营权 、自理报关权及报检权的进出口报关服务公司(报关协会会员企业),专业代理进出口货物的进口清关 、报关 、报检,代办产地证及产地证加签等进出口相关文件,代收结外汇,代理出口退税等业务。
          公司优势: 盐田 、蛇口 、散货仓库 、皇岗及文锦渡包柜出口
          服务地点: 深圳:盐田 蛇口 皇岗 文锦渡等
          广州:黄埔 、南沙及仓库
          深圳仓库:外运仓等, 金运达仓, 华南八达仓
          盐田监管仓(马仕基 、裕泰 、左川仓 、集团仓等)
          服务范围 : (1):进口清关/买单报关/包柜/退税报关,深圳拖车服务
          (2)代办产地证(FA 、CO 、贸促会证明书,FA\CO大使馆加签等),
          薰蒸证书 、品质证书 、 、卫生证书 、兽医证书 、消毒证书 、健康证书等等
          (3) 1.代收结外汇2.出口退税代理3.俄罗斯双清4仓储配送

          联系人:李明金 手机/微信:13043418511
          QQ+邮箱: 214886718@qq.com
          By 明金 李 - Sep 18, 2018 - More...

          seven zone patterned massage latex mattress

          Seven Zone Patterned Massage

          Brand Name: OEM ODM
          Place of Origin: WENZHOU China
          Type: 7 zone latex mattress

          Standard ventilated natural latex pillow

          Rubber foam

          100% Natural ventilated latex pillow

          Rubber Products

          Natural & Synthetic latex rolls/toopers/sheets

          Rubber Products

          janice chou
          janice chou

          13 Products WenZhou, China

          high quality EN856-4SP wire spiral hydraulic hose

          High Quality EN856-4SP Wire

          This hose shall consist of an inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber; four spiral plies of steel wire

          high pressure wire braided EN853-2SN hydraulic rubber hose

          Rubber Products

          Dylan Wang
          Dylan Wang

          2 Products Hengshui, China

          outdoor rattan lounge

          Outdoor Rattan Lounge

          Hand weaved in an attractive espresso rattan over a strong aluminium frame to ensure lifelong use.
          Contemporary reinforced

          Hot Sale Resin Wicker sofa set

          Rattan Products

          New Garden Set Rattan Sofa

          Outdoor wicker

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