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          Livestock & Animal Products Manufacturers

          Listing 297 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          frozen mussel half and meat

          Frozen Mussel Half And Meat

          mob:0086-13868210973 18058031505

          frozen squid tubes and rings


          frozen crab and meat

          Frozen Crab

          giant squid fillets




          frozen seabass fillet
          skin, skinless, boneless, normal trimmed
          Latin name: LATEOLABRAX

          red drum fillet



          Frozen Fish

          Roasted Seaweed yaki sushi nori Grade A  50 SHEETS

          Roasted Seaweed Yaki Sushi

          Quick Details
          Product Type: Seaweed
          Variety: Nori
          Style: Dried
          Drying Process: AD

          Seaweed Roll Seafood Snack seaweed snack instant nori


          Seasoned seaweed  seaweed snack instant nori 8*8*8


          Roasted Seaweed yaki sushi nori Grade A  100 SHEETS


          Everything explained in detail - I recently got in touch with Eva Dou from Lianyungang Zhiyuan Foods Co., Ltd. I inquired about their company’s Hezhouwu roasted seaweed sushi nori 100sheets for my client. She replied within the day, which was very timely. She was very responsive to my inquiry, and courteous in answering all of my questions.

          I commend her for her product knowledge, she provided the prices of each grade of the product I’m inquiring for, and she obviously knows their products pretty well. Their price is competitive and the payment term is easy to deal with. It would be nice to visit their factory so I could check the quality of their products in person.

          Our transaction did not push through, but I would be glad working with Eva Dou in the future and consider Lianyungang Zhiyuan Foods Co., Ltd. to my shortlist of potential partners.
          By Linh Nguyen - Dec 1, 2014 - More...
          Considerate Supplier - I contacted Eva Dou about their company’s Thai seaweed snack. Eva replied to my inquiry within 3 days and answered most of my questions. Although we ended up not working with Lianyungang Zhiyuan Foods Co. Ltd. I can say the following about Eva’s company:

          Price: Competitive. Not the cheapest, but the quality seemed better than the others.
          Service: Eva replied a little bit late due to a business trip but comprehensively answered all my questions.
          Payment terms: pretty flexible.

          Their company is also willing to provide samples on the condition we agreed upon the payment terms and prices. Minimum order quantity is also reduced for trial purposes.

          I believe Eva will be a good supply chain partner in the future.
          By Sofia Cortez - Nov 7, 2014 - More...

          Bulk White Refined Sugar - ICUMSA 45

          Bulk White Refined Sugar

          ORIGIN: Brazil
          PRICES: US Dollars / CIF or FOB Spot And Rolling 12 month



          Darren Jansen
          Darren Jansen

          12 Connections 3 Products Peregian Springs, Australia

          Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet

          Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet

          Frozen Pollock Fish Fillet
          Skinless , Boneless, PBO ( PBI )
          Size - All sizes avaialbe

          Emma Zhao
          Emma Zhao

          4 Products Qingdao, China

          2014 latest stainless steel professional food dryer

          2014 Latest Stainless Steel

          2014 latest stainless steel professional food dryer
          Small industrial dryer,The whole machine is made from 304 stainless steel

          High accuracy Granule Filling Machine For Rice,Salt,MSG

          Packing Machine

          High quality dry way peanut peeler / peanut peeling machine

          Sorting Machine

          Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine,Auger Filler

          Filling Machine

          high protein Feed Grade Yeast Powder

          High Protein Feed Grade

          Name:Yeast Powder
          Specification:50% 55% 60%
          CAS NO:8013-01-2
          Color:Pale yellow to Brown

          emily sun
          emily sun

          9 Products Cangzhou CIty, China

          Frozen Precooked Mackerel Fillets-scomber japonicu

          Frozen Precooked Mackerel

          frozen Precooked Mackerel Fillets
          -latin name: scomber japonicus
          -origin: China,
          -Catching time & freezing method: from Dec

          Frozen Squid Tube-todarodes pacificus,


          IQF Squid Rings-todarodes pacificus

          Frozen Fish

          Gold A 2012 newest roasted seaweed for nori

          Gold A 2012 Newest Roasted

          roasted seaweed for sushi----delicious,healthy
          Ingredient Listing seaweed 100%
          Grade A,B

          horse hair mixed PP.horse tail mix PET fiber

          Horse Hair Mixed PP.horse

          Horse hair mixed PP could increase the flexibility of products ,and lower the cost , Which is mainly used for brush fiber.

          dressed25mm brown horse body hair for cosmetic

          Animal Extract

          vivian lee
          vivian lee

          8 Products Hengshui, China


          Halal Frozen Beef Parts

          Halal Frozen Beef Parts

          Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Fresh and frozen meats,
          Whole Chicken,Frozen Chicken Meat, Chicken Products and Chicken Eggs. We

          Halal Frozen Chicken Drumsticks and chicken tighs

          Meat & Poultry

          Halal Frozen Whole Chicken-Grade A

          Meat & Poultry

          Processed Frozen Chicken Paws

          Meat & Poultry

          propolis powder

          Propolis Powder

          Propolis is rich in the human body needs flavonoids, terpenoids, vitamins, trace elements and other important components, with a wide range of

          electric honey extractor




          Refined propolis


          Canned Mandarin Orange 312g

          Canned Mandarin Orange 312g

          canned mandarine orange
          1)made from fresh oranges
          2)lovely luster, yummy taste and best quality
          3)HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO

          2012 fresh Halal Canned corned beef


          2011 preserved duck eggs


          2011 preserved duck eggs


          Sophia Phan

          Tilapia Fish Scale/ Fish Scale/ Fish Scales/Wholesale Fish Scale/ Best Price Fish Scale/ Collagen/ Collagen Products/ Collagen Extraction

          Tilapia Fish Scale/ Fish

          Dear Customers,
          I'm Sophia Thuy An from Vietdelta industry Copr. Our Company is the leading export company in Viet Nam specilist

          Butterfly Cut Basa Fish/Butterfly Basa Fish/ Butterfly Fish/ Butterfly basa fish/ Butterfly Pangasius/ PANGASIUS Fish Butterfly/ Fish Butterfly/ Frozen Basa Fish/ Frozen Fish/ Frozen Pangasius Fish/( SOPHIA THUY AN) Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat/ Viber +84 947 47

          Frozen Fish

          Sophia Nguyen
          Sophia Nguyen

          5 Products Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

          layer chicken cage system or poultry farm equipment

          Layer Chicken Cage System Or

          It is designed both open and close house all over the world,especially for open house in big farm who has enough land,it is more suitable to be used

          Automatic poultry nipple drinking line for broilers

          Automatic Poultry Nipple

          Automatic Poultry Nipple Drinking Line For Broilers
          Product Description
          Product Description
          Automatic drinking system for

          Supply Fresh Organic Pomelo From China

          Supply Fresh Organic Pomelo

          Organic products without pesticide residue,
          Hight quality and good price,
          Tailored for EU markets.
          1,Professional organic pomelo orarchard

          Cat 1 Honey Pomelo From Its Origin Pinghe County


          Chinese Fresh Pomelo, Citrus Fruit, Sweet and Juicy

          Fresh Fruit

          Navel Orange Of High Quality From China (nov. To March)

          High Polymers

          Qingbai Huang
          Qingbai Huang

          4 Connections 15 Products Zhangzhou, China (Mainland)

          Non-pollution Preference 80g Cutted Dried Seaweed

          Non-pollution Preference 80g

          1.With swelling 6-8
          3.Non-pollution and health seafood
          4.Special type:for salad,snack and fish canned
          Fu Zhou Hai

          Hot Selling Natural Dried Wide Blade Seaweed Kelp


          Best Selling 100g Shredded Dried Aglae Seaweed


          Fujian famous local product 150g wide blade dry laminaria

          Dried Seaweed

          poultry fan of Butterlfy type cone fan for poultry shed

          Poultry Fan Of Butterlfy

          our ventilation fan have the following advantages: 1.stainless stell balde, with big air volume,never distorted and broken, the angle of the blades is

          cowhouse poultry exhaust fan with airflow 44000m3/h

          Exhaust System

          PET FOOD-PET SNACKS  chicken roll thick rawhide chew

          PET FOOD-PET SNACKS Chicken

          Chicken Tenders Natural Dog Treats dog food petfood
          1.Export/Import NO.:3702949696
          2.FDA NO.:19087515606
          3.HACCP NO:15081001


          Pet foods

          Intestine Poewer Sausage- PET FOOD PET TREATS PET SAUSAGE

          Pet foods

          Chicken Tenders Natural Dog Treats dog food

          Pet foods

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