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          Passive Components Manufacturers

          Listing 981 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          zph-al metallised polypropylene film with heavy edge 5.8um

          Zph-al Metallised

          zph-al metallised polypropylene film with heavy edge
          Pelicula Dielectrica De Polipropileno Metalizada

          metallised capacitor film

          Film capacitors

          Air Conditioner Capacitor




          Did not reply - I wasn't able to receive any answers from Andy after sending her an inquiry a couple of days ago
          By Liam Sakda - Dec 12, 2014 - More...

          Self Supporting 4-Legged Angel Steel Pylon Communication Tower

          Self Supporting 4-Legged

          Q345,Q235 according to

          Best Capacitor Manufacturer at Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co. Ltd

          Best Capacitor Manufacturer

          in 2001, Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co. Ltd is one of the top three
          Capacitors Manufacturers in China, who is specialized

          LED Capacitor Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor RoHS Approval


          Capacitor Snap in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor


          Capacitor Electrolytic Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor RoHS


          上海世祥国际货运 - 我是Kitty,是一家货运代理公司的销售。公司是上海世祥国际物流有限公司,现已成立经七年了。我们上海世祥国际物流有限公司是中国加入WTO后经中华人民共和国交通部批准成立的首批无船承运人(NVOCC)之一,也是国际货运代理协会(FIATA)成员之一,本公司专业经营国际运输业务,向海内外客户提供海 、陆 、空进出口货物运输服务,包括订舱 、配载 、报关 、仓储 、提运 、保险以及多项物流服务。
          本公司业务功能齐全,实现现代管理化,并拥有一支经验丰富,业务娴熟,职业操守好的员工队伍,能竭诚为广大新老客户提供安全 、迅速 、准确 、节省 、方便的国际货运服务。
          无论何时,世祥国际都以“服务 、诚信”之企业精神与“顾客至上,不断完善”的经营理念作为企业宗旨,不仅在规模上,更在服务品质上,向更高的标准而努力,希望广大客户与世祥国际携手共同开拓新的市场。我司主要优势航线:日本基本港 、澳洲 、东南亚中东线及欧洲 、地中海大件货物的特种箱运输。世祥国际拥有自行管理的仓库及集装箱和散货车队。有专人专职负责调度,追踪货物全程路线。我们也可以安排内河驳船,通过水路送到指定码头,并协调接送货物。
          由于完善的陆 、铁 、水路转运系统,我们承运进出口业务的“中国内陆点到国外内陆点”之间的“门到门”一条龙服务。由于拥有大量的客户,世祥国际已被许多知名的保险公司指定为货运保险代理。我们承接各种类型的货物运输保险(海洋运输 、公路运输 、空运等等)祥国际为了不断完善其各项业务提供更加服务,在国外(美国 、英国 、德国 、日本 、韩国 、越南 、新加坡 、澳大利亚 、泰国等)建立起代理网络;在国内,世祥国际货运代理开设了:北京 、大连 、天津 、青岛 、张家港 、南京等各办事处。通过此业务网络,公司能够提供卓越的服务,并为拓展新的商务渠道提供了机遇。如果在进出口方面有需要咨询的可以来找我。
          我的微信号 18270681174 QQ号 1816541940
          By kitty xiong - Sep 1, 2018 - More...
          Electrolytic Capacitor - I am looking for Electrolytic Capacitor 500 in Aluminum electrolytic capacitors category. Example of product I need: Aluminum electrolytic capacotor - -SPECIFICATION -Temperature Rage: -40° C ~+55° C -Rated voltage: 110~330VAC -Capacitance Tolerance: -20% +20% -Capacitance Range: 35 ~1000 UF -And also, we could make as your special requirements
          By 原疯 - Jul 6, 2016 - More...

          POE300F-50L  POE300F-12LPOE70P-33LD poe transformer

          POE300F-50L POE300F-12LPOE

          POE300F-50L POE300F-12LPOE70P-33LD poe transformer
          C1585-AL FA2672-AL POE70P-33LD poe transformer

          Potential Partner - My client is in need of a 19 pin type A hdmi connector so I contacted Nick Chou from Shareway Technology co., ltd. He replied just a day after sending the inquiry. He was very responsive and courteous in answering all of my questions directly.

          He offered free samples to me and it is good to know that they do have customers who currently use the same product.

          I would definitely consider his company in my list of potential suppliers because of their fast and direct approach, and the competitiveness of their price.
          By Jane Nguyen - Nov 25, 2014 - More...
          Fast Response - I recently got in touch with Nick Chou from Shareway Technology Co. Ltd. I inquired about the POE13P transformer for my client. I was surprised to receive a response from him few hours after sending the inquiry, which was very prompt. He asked me details and obviously knows their products pretty well. Nick gave his email address so he could answer all my inquiry in details.

          Our project has been put on hold but I would commend their company for their excellent customer service and hope to have a good partnership in the future.
          By Nicole Lee - Nov 18, 2014 - More...

          PZAL0204~0510 Series Axial color ring  inductor

          PZAL0204~0510 Series Axial

          PZAL0205~0510 Series Axial color ring inductor
          *Design to be compact, small and light-weight

          PZRL0205~0630 Series RC Type  High Current Chokes

          Leaded inductors

          High-frequency transformer

          High frequency

          EDR2009~4009 Series Fluorescent Power Transformer

          Power transformers

          justin yao
          justin yao

          22 Connections 12 Products Gongguan, Guangdong China

          metallised BOPP film for capacitor use

          Metallised BOPP Film For

          Aluminum metallized polyester film.
          Aluminum-Zinc alloy metallized polyester film.
          Aluminum-Zinc alloy metallized polyester film

          capacitor grade metallized film

          Stretch films

          metallized capacitor grade film

          Pe Film

          air conditioner capacitor


          Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

          Metallized Polypropylene

          Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
          This capacitor use thickened Matallized Polypropylene film sa medium,with hiht-speed winding machine

          Motor Run oil Capacitor CBB65


          CBB65 Run Capacitor


          High quality air condition capacitor

          Air Conditioning

          BOPP film,capacitor film

          BOPP Film,capacitor Film

          We are the real manufactory and supplier of metallized capacitor film and BOPP capacitor film in China.
          We supply metalized capacitor film for

          air conditioner capacitor

          Air Conditioner

          metallized BOPP film

          Film capacitors

          wash machine capacitor


          供应SPHE8202TQ车载导航解码芯片 sunplus原装现货

          供应SPHE8202TQ车载导航解码芯片 Sunplus

          ——专业的车载配套IC 、触摸伺服IC 、安防监控IC供应商。


          Chip resistors


          Chip resistors


          Chip resistors

          All kinds of battery connector; Batteries nickel sheet

          All Kinds Of Battery

          Material: Pure Nickel.
          The thickness and dimensions can be met what customers required.
          The packing way can according the

          special nickel sheet weld of protection plate nickel sheet,


          nickel plated steel(welded battery connectors )


          Mobile phone battery connector; Power battery connector


          Beijing Daelim

          145kV Compact Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS)

          145kV Compact Gas Insulated

          Application: For power substations, especially substations in city center, contaminated region and also hydropower stations.

          LB6-36(LABN6-36) Current Transformer

          Industrial power

          GW4-72.5-126-145-252 D(W)Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch

          Power switches

          220kv and Below Current Transformer (Instrument Transformer)

          220kv And Below Current

          0.5~35kv CTs are Epoxy-resin Type, widely used for many power supply systems in national key projects and international projects, including

          220KV Outdoor Oil-immersed Type Current Transformer

          Current sensors

          35kv Current Transformer

          Current sensors

          energy storage  DC-link capacitor power industry inverter

          Energy Storage DC-link

          specific energy density,strong capacitors.
          ESR,high ripple current and large peak current.

          capacitor grade metallized PP film PET film 4 micron

          Protective film

          motor start capacitor CBB65 aluminum case anti-explosion

          Film capacitors

          CBB65 air conditioner capacitor 40uF 50uF 60uF

          Film capacitors

          tantalum capacitor 330uF 4V 6.3v 10V SMD

          Tantalum Capacitor 330uF 4V

          SMD tantalum capacitor 330uF ,with voltage 4V,6.3V,10VDC , Lower price , new and original , 100% quality guarantee.

          Jessica Tang
          Jessica Tang

          6 Products shanghai , China

          RCT High Accurancy Current Transformer

          RCT High Accurancy Current


          Alice zheng
          Alice zheng

          15 Products Wenzhou,, China

          cbb60 sh motor run capacitor For Pump

          Cbb60 Sh Motor Run Capacitor

          metalized film capacitor for
          water pump
          1.widely for washing machine,mirco water pump, cleaning machine and high

          metal film capacitor for  water pump


          cbb60 50uf 250v capacitor by metalized film for cleaning machine


          cbb60 50uf 250v capacitor by metalized film for cleaning machine


          Prompt Response - I sent an inquiry to Rex Zhang from Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd. about their cbb60 sh motor run capacitor for Pump. I received an immediate response from him but there’s no specific answer to some of my questions. However, he provided his contact information so we can discuss all of my inquiries. I can say that his English is pretty good and I would rate him 8 out of 10.

          I appreciate his early compliance about my inquiries but I’m still looking for other manufacturers so I can filter all the possible suppliers that I can work with.
          By Zara Liang - Nov 24, 2014 - More...

          ac motor start capacitor

          Ac Motor Start Capacitor

          capacitor,AC capacitor,motor capacitor,AC motor capacitor,film capacitor,capacitor CBB65,CBB60,CBB61,film capacitor
          1)Rated voltage:200V

          metallized Al/Zn film capacitor

          Film capacitors

          AC motor capacitor film

          Film capacitors

          Oil Filled Capacitor


          Metallized Bopp film for capacitor use

          Metallized Bopp Film For

          Metallized Film

          YHDC SCT-010 Split Core Current Transformer 0.01-80A 26.6mA

          YHDC SCT-010 Split Core

          Fully compatible with foreign similar products, transient voltage suppressor built-in. Application: used for

          Plastic Running Capacitor CBB60

          Plastic Running Capacitor

          Detailed Description
          Detailed introduction to Plastic Running Capacitor:

          Plastic Running Capacitor CBB60



          Film capacitors

          CBB65 Run Capacitor

          Film capacitors

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