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          Active Components Manufacturers

          Listing 710 Suppliers & Manufacturers

          N-Channel Mosfet DFN Package 60V 53A GT55N06 for Solar Inverter

          N-Channel Mosfet DFN Package

          The GT55N06 uses advanced trench technology and
          design to provide excellent RDS(ON) with low gate

          60N06 MOSFET 60V 60A MOSFET TO-252 N Channel Transistor


          G16P03 MOSFET 30V 16A DFN3*3-8L Package N Channel Transistor


          100V SGT MOSFET GT1003B 7A SOT-23 N Channel MOSFET for Fast Charge


          different  industry

          Different Industry

          furniture hardware(office chairs parts)

          different  industry

          Deadbolt locks

          different  industry


          文超 李
          文超 李

          4 Products Dongying , China

          New trending 2016 Double roller coal crusher for sale

          New Trending 2016 Double

          Application scope:
          This series of crusher is mainly used for coarse and intermediate crushing. It can be used for crushing surface rock of

          New technology disc filter,Copper Concentrate Dewatering Equipment

          Hydraulic Filter

          Hyperbaric Disc FilterGPJ60/Pressure Drum Filter , Disc Filter Press


          GPJ Pressure Drum Filter ,Hyperbaric Disc Filter GPJ


          Professional Response - I got in touch with Evan Zhou of Shandong Laiwu Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. a few days ago to inquire about the Hyperbaric Disc Filter GPJ120, Pressure Drum Filter. I got the response right away and all of my questions were answered in a detailed manner. His response was very precise and professional. He discussed all my questions thoroughly and even gave additional information for each. He is very easy to understand, I would rate his English 8 out of 10.

          Payment terms are also very flexible as well as payment terms. He even discussed where can their product be used and the process how it is transport. As of their service, I can say that it is fast and direct.

          I would be willing to work with Evan Zhou in the future and I am definitely considering his company on my list of potential suppliers.
          By Vicky Tran - Dec 22, 2014 - More...

          General Purpose thyristors(KP2000-2200V)

          General Purpose Thyristors

          Feature:Low On-state Voltage,High di/dt capability,High dv/dt capabil-ity,Hermetic Packaging,Excellent Surge.

          GuanJie Zong
          GuanJie Zong

          2 Connections 15 Products yangzhou, China (Mainland)

          YangXing Technology

          YXC quartz crystal resonator oscillator

          YXC Quartz Crystal Resonator

          ShenZhen Yang Xing technology Co.,Ltd Was founded in July 1986,is a professional supplier of crystal resonator and oscillator .The company passed

          SiTime  custom-made silicon oscillator 1-625Mhz


          fashion alloy plastic inner jeans button for garment

          Fashion Alloy Plastic Inner

          1.jeans button
          2.feature:Eco-friendly, washable
          3.color:plating, enamel ,painting available
          4.meet Oeko-Tex Standard

          fashion shank button/sweing on button for garments

          Fashion Jewelry

          fashion metal badge/accessories for garments

          Metal keychains

          fashion ring snap button for garment/bag

          Snap hooks

          DHL - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - May 31, 2018 - More...

          SMD Rectifier Diode with Plastic Package

          SMD Rectifier Diode With

          We are making all kinds of rectifier diode of SMA case, please check on our website www.luguang.cn for more information.

          heat resistant borosilicate glass food container for microwave oven

          Heat Resistant Borosilicate

          Quick Details
          Material: Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass
          Lids: PP
          Sealing ring: Silicone

          glass food container

          Microwave cookware

          borosilicate glass tubing

          Vacuum tubes

          Borosilicate glass tube 3.3

          Vacuum tubes

          usb flash disk usb pen drive metal usb new model pny brand

          Usb Flash Disk Usb Pen Drive

          Detailed Product Description
          metal usb pen drive
          1.Cheap price
          2.1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb capacity
          3.fast delivery, OEM, ODM

          computer parts ram memory ddr3 2gb ram memory desktop

          Memory chips

          desktop ddr1, ddr2 ddr3 ddr ram 2gb factory price only $6.8

          Memory chips

          manufacture 2GB ddr3 memory ram for desktop

          Memory chips

          Windy Zhang
          Windy Zhang

          33 Products shenzhen, China (Mainland) 1  review

          dhl - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Jun 25, 2018 - More...

          Rectifier module 110a 1600v MDC110-16

          Rectifier Module 110a 1600v

          Style No.: MDC110
          Isolation voltage: 2500V~

          Rectifier Module 300a 1600v MDC300-16


          Mary Ma
          Mary Ma

          30 Products Hangzhou, China

          wholesale bulk or retail ddr2 memory ram for desktop

          Wholesale Bulk Or Retail Ddr

          1.ram memory bulk:$3~20
          2.Original chips
          3.RMA: <1%
          4.MOQ: 50 pieces, sample order is ok
          5.Shipping by DHL, EMS

          computer Ram Memory ddr3 ram 1333mhz 1066 1600

          Memory chips


          Memory chips

          Lowest price desktop ddr 400 1gb in stock

          Desktop computers

          Sharon Sun
          Sharon Sun

          19 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland) 1  review

          dhl - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Jun 26, 2018 - More...

          Blood Collection Coagulation Tube with Sandwich Material

          Blood Collection Coagulation

          Blood Collection Coagulation Tube with Sandwich Material:It consists of inner tube made of PP and outer tube made of PET.
          Blood Collection

          Vacuum Blood Collection Lithium Heparin Tube

          Vacuum tubes

          Blood Collection without Additive Tube

          Vacuum tubes

          Vacuum Blood Collection EDTAK3 Tube

          Vacuum tubes

          DG/Chemical products export from Hongkong - Hi,there!专业危险品2-9类进出口物流,整柜/拼箱/空运/快递均可接,优势:免危包/锅检/鉴定,正规报关出口退税;证件不齐全也可原品名正规出运。-----详情联系小王Sam-QQ3193970269,TEL15571086831(微信同号)
          By Sam Wong - Jul 1, 2019 - More...

          Polarization Maintaining Filter/Fused Coupler / PMFC

          Polarization Maintaining

          PM Filter/Fuse Coupler/Module
          Compact High performance
          High Extinction Ration

          Isolators 1030/1064/1080 Type A43/B43


          In-Line Isolator, 850nm


          1030/1064/1080 Isolators


          Blue Vacuum Blood Tube -Sodium Citrate 1:9

          Blue Vacuum Blood Tube

          Name: Blood collection tube
          Material : Glass or Plastic
          Additive: 0.109mol/L sodium citrate
          Certificates: ISO1348,ISO

          Plastic Vacuum blood collection tube---Fluoride/Oxalate Tube

          Vacuum tubes

          Vacuum blood collection tube---No additive Blood Collection Tube

          Vacuum tubes

          Urine tube medical tube

          Tube Assembly

          ms chen
          ms chen

          4 Products Fuzhou, China (Mainland) 1  review

          DG/Chemical products export from Hongkong - Hi,there!专业危险品2-9类进出口物流,整柜/拼箱/空运/快递均可接,优势:免危包/锅检/鉴定,正规报关出口退税;证件不齐全也可原品名正规出运。-----详情联系小王Sam-QQ3193970269,TEL15571086831(微信同号)
          By Sam Wong - Jun 29, 2019 - More...

          ATi (216-0728018) chip,computer hardware,main board parts

          ATi (216-0728018) Chip

          ATi (216-0728018) chip,computer hardware,mainboard parts
          1.computer motherboard chips
          2.best afterservice
          ATi (216-0728018) chip,computer

          computer chipset (215-0674032) BGA chips for laptop repair

          Computer ICs

          AMD chips (216-0774007) for laptop service repair

          Poker chips

          computer chips model (216-0707011) in stock for BGA chips repair

          Computer software

          Guangyu Lv
          Guangyu Lv

          11 Products shenzhen, China (Mainland) 1  review

          广交会 - 嗨!我这边是做广交会展位招商的。请问贵司考虑参展广交会吗?我这边可以提供展位,协助您参展。TEL:13160877691(同微信)
          By Connie - Jan 9, 2018 - More...

          Lifepo4 Battery Solar Charge Controller 10A IP68

          Lifepo4 Battery Solar Charge

          Lifepo4 Battery Solar Charge Controller
          1. 12/24V Auto 10/20A
          2. Waterproof degree: IP68
          3. 3 year warrranty
          4. CE

          Economical 10A 20Asolar panel generator controllers china

          Panel Display

          Solar Energy Saving High Power Controller

          High-voltage power

          Solar Panels Energy Saving Controller

          Controller ICs

          HK-DHL - HKDHL 、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
          By Lucky Mr - Aug 6, 2018 - More...

          Wear Resistance And High-Precision Alumina Ceramic Pump /Innovacera

          Wear Resistance And High

          Wear Resistance And High-Precision Alumina Ceramic Pump /Innovacera
          b, Excellent Performance of Material:

           	High Hardness Zirconia Ceramic Blade And Cutter/Innovacera


          Heater for Toilet Water/Alumina Ceramic Heater/INNOVACERA


          95% Alumina Metallized Ceramic Roller/Small Size/Innovacera

          Ceramic filters

          Smart Drifting Scooter(智能平衡扭扭车)

          Smart Drifting Scooter

          The max speed :10KM/H
          The weight limit of the driver :120Kg
          The longest distance : 15-20KM


          Amplifier ICs

          Jiaolong Liu
          Jiaolong Liu

          49 Connections 2 Products 广东省深圳市, 中国

          NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac TO-92

          NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac

          A&S provides all types of NXP Tyristors like NXP 3-Quadrant Triacs, NXP 4-Quadrant Triacs, NXP AC Thyristor power switch, NXP AC Thyristor Triacs

          Shindengen MOSFET FH020AA Regulator


          Tyco Rectifier ES661C AC-DC Power Unit


          Eltek Valere FLATPACK2 Rectifier 48/2000


          (Controllers IC)PIC16F628A-I-P

          (Controllers IC)PIC16F628A-I

          Model Number:PIC16F628A-I-P
          Description:mew and original
          Brand: MICROCHIP

          STM32L151CBT6-1(Controllers IC)

          Controller ICs

          (USB GSM/GPRS modem )SIM900

          PCB test systems

          (Controllers IC) PIC18F87K90-I-PT

          Other Ics

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          Tradesparq is a supplier/manufacturer directory of major industry Active Components makers and builders/producers. Our listings are from countries worldwide including many from top rated Chinese companies.

          We list many of China's best Active Components manufacturers and also have a number of other good companies that supply equipment & related supplies to dealers and distributors/vendors.

          Ranking of China suppliers manufacturing Active Components can be filtered by their reviews, recommendations, price/cost and overall quality rating.


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